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Cycles Scuderia

Cycles Scuderia
The Pill, Invicta House
Kingsley Road
EX39 2PF
United Kingdom

Cycles Scuderia Bideford

Bike shops Eh?. Basically all the same. A shop. Full of Bikes, with a bloke in a pinny out the back clouting things. We’ve spent a (too) long time in such places and need it to be something that makes us stop and gaze longingly at the stock on a daily basis. They have to have skinny tyres and curly handlebars to light any fires and if there’s a bit of love or brio in the things so much the better. Half the stock We’d really rather not sell. The other half we’ve picked because we like and approve of them a great deal. Having stock that we are overly attached to is only part of it. If you manage to talk us into letting any of it go, We most definitely won’t let you have it if it doesn’t fit you. To the extent that every bike that We wave goodbye, will have had a comprehensive fit and set up as part of the deal. Much as we like our bikes, still the most important part of the equation is the nut that holds the handlebar.