Echo Town live at the Palladium Club

The Palladium Club
43 Lower Gunstone
EX39 2DE
United Kingdom

Echo Town

The Palladium Club favorites Echo Town are making their return to North Devon for a night of Rock/Roots Sound with a Tribal Twist.

Tickets - £12.00adv - £14.00otd

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Echo Town are brothers Ric and Rob Harrison. They bring a tribal percussive fire to the stage with powerful drums, deep reverberating didgeridoo, uplifting vocals and a happiness that can only be experienced live. People have often commented that it is the electricity and energy between the duo that is most captivating.

Echo Town cycle through genres effortlessly, demonstrating that their influences and tastes are wide and varied. Punchy reggae, uplifting rock, dirty tribal didgeridoo, acoustic folk, thunderous drum solos and inspirational lyrics.

Ric and Rob grew up in Yorkshire but relocated to Cornwall in 2015 to align with the surf culture and slower pace of life they craved. Their music relates the struggles they have faced, the triumphs they have celebrated and the journeys they have been on. They have been honoured enough to tour Europe, play Glastonbury, Boardmasters Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, open for Xavier Rudd and Morcheeba, and have music featured on ‘Deadliest Catch’ on Discovery Channel.