Explore Beyond Bideford

Bideford is located within the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere

Our UNESCO Biosphere encompasses a wide range of landscapes, including coastal areas, estuaries, sand dunes, woodlands, and agricultural land. It is known for its diverse ecosystems, wildlife habitats, and geological features. Visitors to Bideford can explore the natural beauty and biodiversity of the biosphere reserve through various trails, walks, and nature-based activities. It offers opportunities to appreciate the region's landscapes, wildlife, and cultural heritage while promoting environmentally responsible practices. Kenwith Valley is a local nature reserve within the Biosphere- on the edge of Bideford, this site is owned by Torridge District Council. A friend group currently manages the site which includes a lake, new woodlands, and traditional grasslands. Visit North Devon Explorer to find out more 

Westward Ho! 

A coastal holiday resort situated only 3 miles from the town of Bideford boasting a blue flag beach. It has a variety of quality accommodations and different places to eat in, as well as coastal walks, and the Royal North Devon Golf Club, which is the oldest golf course in England.


A charming fishing village with narrow streets, colorful houses, and a rich maritime history. It is an ideal place for a stroll along the quay and to explore its art galleries, craft shops, and independent cafes.

Northam Burrows

A nature reserve and country park located near Bideford towards Westward Ho! It provides a haven for wildlife. It is home to numerous bird species, including wading birds and seagulls. It is known for its beautiful dunes and wide-open spaces. In addition to its natural beauty, Northam Burrows Country Park offers amenities such as car parking, picnic areas, and toilet facilities. It is a peaceful and tranquil space where visitors can appreciate the coastal landscape, observe wildlife, and enjoy outdoor activities. The beach is popular for walking, sunbathing, picnicking, and beachcombing.


Situated across the river from Appledore, Instow is a picturesque village known for its sandy beach and stunning views across the estuary. It's a great spot for relaxing, enjoying watersports, or taking a leisurely walk along the waterfront.


A short drive south of Bideford, Clovelly is a unique and well-preserved village known for its steep cobbled streets and picturesque harbour. It's a privately-owned village and visitors can explore its narrow lanes, visit craft workshops, and learn about its fascinating history.