Bideford's Summer Holiday Survival Guide: Fun filled activities for the Little Ones!

If you find yourself in Bideford this summer, responsible for a little one, worry not! We've got your ultimate survival guide right here. Embrace the summer holidays, don't fear them! Our guide is filled with fantastic ideas on how to make the most of your time with the little people including lots of FREE activities

Bideford events in June

Ah, June in Bideford, a month buzzing with contagious excitement! It's that time when memories of carefree school days come rushing back, evoking that thrilling "school's out!" feeling. Although, let's be honest, the realisation hits that those days are behind us, and the concept of "summer holidays" doesn't quite translate to adult life. What a shame! But fret not, for Bideford has plenty of adventures in store to bring back that youthful spirit and make you forget the absence of those long summer breaks.