What's new in Bideford

Highlights that unfolded in 2023

  1. Bideford's revamped and fully accessible library moved to its new home on the Quay in June 2023! 
  2. Bideford Town experienced a delightful retail boost in 2023 with some fabulous new shops' - exciting arrivals and relocations! including Naked, Amy Eira, Deanies Delights, The Cultured Deli, The Yarn Ball, Happy Pear, Art Upstairs, Belluno, Just Spectacles, Calluna, No Filter Clinic, Joy Hope Wellbeing Studio and Rosie and Red Art Studio
  3. 2023 saw some fantastic new Bideford events set to make an annual appearance -  such as The Festival of Transport, Eat Festival, Continental Food Market, Bideford's Got Talent, and The North Devon Christmas Market. All adding vibrant energy and unforgettable experiences to the town's calendar.
  4. Bideford's Art, Cultural, and Heritage scenes joined forces in an exciting new collaboration backed by the Regeneration Board, forming the Bideford Art, Culture & Heritage Group, promising a tapestry of enriching experiences for locals and visitors alike.
  5. Exciting transformations took place at The Pannier Market in 2023; it opened its doors for event bookings private and individual. Hosting weddings, markets events and music performances, to name just a few! 


Pop into Bideford town centre and see what's new! 

What's coming in 2024

  1. If you are looking for a place to take your children this Easter - check out the new Victoria Park play area currently under construction
  2. Some outstanding community champions continue to bring new events to Bideford in 2024 - including the two new charity events Battle of the Boxes and Ride the Rapids. In addition this year Bideford Bike Show celebrates its 10th year on the Quay in May
  3. Bideford Regeneration Board continue its journey to help support economic regeneration in the town focusing on culture, well-being, sustainability and community. Join the town's journey

To learn more or actively participate, please get in touch with Bideford Regeneration Board